This is Karen Yost

She is the only person who works at Anomaly Jewelry. She hand makes your jewelry all alone, in a room in N.Y.C., and that's how she likes it.

How the Baby Grew Three Heads 

 Ever feel like life is too hard? Too sad? TOO fucking much? ME TOO.

   That's a big part of why I make jewelry. To express the darkness and light that is involved with being alive. I make this peculiar jewelry to soothe our untamed souls.

   I have always made things. When I was younger I did a lot of drawing and oil painting. I tried every craft I could get supplies for. I made a Christmas tree entirely out of aluminum foil because my Mom wouldn't let me have a real one. It was all so much fun. 
   The importance of my making changed when I began to experience depression and anxiety in my pre-teen years. I felt alone. I felt very depressed and anxious, and I didn't know why.  I didn't feel comfortable sharing this part of myself openly for years. The one way I allowed myself this expression was in my art. Miraculously, while I am creating, my demons are temporarily put to rest. Making things is my calm, my guaranteed relief. I don't find this instant change in any other way.  Often, it is my only respite from the darkness that I know intimately in my daily life.
     In the beautiful, there is always ugly. The darkest moments of life are filled with humor. Adorable things can also be the most creepy things. I make jewelry out of all this whole mess.

     There's power in being able to see both the darkness and the light. Not many people understand this deeply. WE do. I found my people! I make my jewelry for you outsiders, people who love the peculiar, who ARE the peculiar!! For the struggling, sad, sarcastic fuckers. For the outcasts and the little deviants. For tramps, riff-raff, and for the beasts. For my people!!! My Anomaly Mob. Thanks endlessly for enabling me to spew out my passion for you daily.


Karen Yost with her first smoke and first baby dollphoto of Karen Yost as a three year old. She is smoking a cigarette sitting on a couch with a doll by her side.
   And a more recent photo:

Karen Yost owner and maker of Anomaly Jewelry 

Are you tired of conforming to societal norms and seeking something that truly reflects your individuality? Anomaly Jewelry is alt jewelry at its finest, offering accessories that express your unconventional aesthetic with humor, thought, and beauty. Finally express how truly odd you are with one of the strangest brands on the market, Anomaly Jewelry.
You aren't conventional. Don't let your jewelry make you look like you are.
Anomaly Jewelry was established in 2006. Since then I have been selling wholesale to stockists and retail to customers and I am thrilled to be making my living with my art. I make every piece of jewelry in my studio in NYC. 
When not at work you can find me with my two kids, husband, and my dog named Pearl.
Please feel free to contact me with questions, or, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.
Karen Yost make of Anomaly Jewelry



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