How I make Anomaly Jewelry

How I make Anomaly Jewelry

There's a lot of different ways to make jewelry. The process I use to make all of my jewelry is called lost wax casting. This process begins by making the jewelry piece in its entirety out of wax. Here are some photos of the wax carvings in progress for a variety of pieces of jewelry.


I carve these waxes with dental tools, sand paper, and a tool called Maxi Wax Pen. It is a tool that heats up at its tip to melt the wax as I carve it. 

Here's a brief video showing me carving the scales of a snake onto the wax model by hand one tiny scale at time:

And another in high speed:

After I have finished a wax, (one piece can take a few weeks up to a few months to carve), I either cast it into the piece of jewelry directly or, if I want to make multiple copies for production and selling, I make a mold of the wax original with which I can make multiple waxes for the making of multiple pieces. After being cast into whatever metal I have chosen it is time to "finish" the piece. This involves oxidizing and polishing the metal and finally setting the stone. 

In the following image you can see this ring first as a wax (in blue), then right after it is cast (in the front), and finally after all the finishing is complete (in the back)

from left to right is the wax model, the metal after casting, and the finished ring.




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    Laurwn: May 06, 2021

    It’s so cool to see you work! I know you might not see this because it’s years later but I was curious about what kind of wax you are using?

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